Task 1: The Industry

Which specific area of the industry would my work be relevant?

  • Education
  • Independent / mainstream
  • Exhibition
  • Distributors
  • Marketing campaign
  • Producers / developers
  • Audience / consumers
  • Retailers (sales)

Considering my film is of an experimental genre I think an area of the industry my work would be relevant to would be an independent market, rather than mainstream. This could mean presenting my work in places such as film festivals might be a good way of promoting my film to the most relevant market. Another way I could exhibit my work could be through social media platforms such as YouTube as this is a where a lot of experimental short films can be found and it could be an easy way for my audience to access my film. I would market this film myself through the use of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook as these platforms allow easy sharing of videos and can be shared by a variety of different people, then allowing a wider audience of people to see the film. A distributer that may be interested in my film could be an independent film company that are looking to showcase a range of experimental documentary style films, whether this is through a new TV channel or online. My film may also be relevant to education as its enlightening people about what moments really are and teaching people to appreciate the small moments in life more.


Task 2 Equipment:


Pen and paper – £3


Nairaland.com. (2017). Pen And Paper – Literature – Nigeria.

Although this seems basic a pen and paper can play an important role in taking notes or carrying out research. Not everyone’s ideas come to them while they’re at a computer therefore being able to write notes on your film at any time can be very useful. Carrying out primary research such as an interview can also be done with a pen and paper as it can be easier to plan things out on paper clearly for you to see. Not having an access to a printer would also be another situation in which consumables would comes in handy..


Camera – £100 – £2,000


Shop.usa.canon.com. (2017). Canon EOS M Series Mirrorless Cameras | Canon Online Store.

A camera would be a key part of producing a short film as this is needed in order to film your idea and bring it to life. although a film can still be made with a basic camera, if you wanted a good quality film you may want to use a more professional camera such as a digital SLR camera. this would allow you to produce a higher resolution film which would be useful if you were planning on presenting this at a film festival or cinema on a larger screen.

Tripod – £70


Bhphotovideo.com. (2017). Magnus VT-4000 Tripod System with Fluid Head VT-4000 B&H Photo.

This is another key piece of equipment when wanting to make your film to a good standard. Through using a tripod it can help to unsure the camera doesn’t shake and instead gives it a steady base for filming.

Microphone £30 – £100


 Microphone, R. (2017). NTG-2 SHOTGUN MICROPHONE | Tom Lee Music.

The type of microphone you are using while film-making can vary, however the same principle stands for why you should use a microphone when creating a film with sound. Using a microphone will allow the sound quality to be of a good standard and as audio plays such a big part in film you want the audience to be able to hear whatever sound you are trying to convey. For example if you were filming a conversation between two people and you relied solely on the microphone from the camera the audio may not be clearly heard by the audience and it would take away from what the scene is trying to show.

Lights – £60


The Hurlblog: Create. Innovate. Educate. (2017). Film Lighting | Large Sensor Cameras – Economical Lighting.

Artificial lighting such as LED lights can be very useful when filming inside and needing good lighting for your scene. Through using an artificial light you can brighten up the overall look of the scene, or as I have done in past projects such as the hello project you can use artificial lighting to create a mood within the scene. for example having a dark room and using an under light it can help to create an ominous atmosphere and allow the audience to feel on-edge.

Computer – £500


Google.co.uk. (2017). computer dell – Google Search.

A Computer can be used for a wide range of things when producing a film from carrying our research to the editing together of the film. This means that having a good working computer is vital for us when creating our FMP. College provides us with dell intel computers and as we have been using these throughout the year I feel comfortable in using these for my project. Having a computer makes it a lot easier to find secondary research sources and also means we can easily put all our work on one place which is our blogs. When it comes to editing the computers will also play a key part as this is what our editing software Avid is downloaded on to.


Avid – £100


Toolfarm.com. (2017). Update: Avid Media Composer 8.5 is now available.

We have been using Avid as our primary editing software throughout the year and although at first I found it to be fairly complex I have had enough practice using this software to feel comfortable using it for my final major project. As avid is often used in the film industry having experience using this software will come in useful in our future careers. Using avid also means we are able to make use of the various different additional features such as colour correction and speeding up or slowing down footage.

Office – £50


Uwm.edu. (2017). Microsoft Office ProPlus

Although having access to office programmes such as word seems to be a basic necessity when having a computer we forget that it does play a big part when carrying out projects such as a short film. Word can be a good platform to use when carrying out research and was also something I used when planning out my three initial ideas and you can lay things out in a way that makes it easy to read and clearly see the different ideas. Other programmes such as PowerPoint can be useful when wanting different ways of presenting your work and I’m sure this will be something I will use when carrying out the presentation of my idea in front of my teachers.


The internet – £60 yearly


  Internet Explorer Review (2017). Top Ten Reviews

Again, although this seems basic the internet plays an important role in any project that involves planning. The internet can be used to find out almost anything so whether its planning different film ideas or finding different sources for research such as which camera is best to use, the internet will be the easiest way of finding this information. You do not always need a computer to go alongside this as you can use your phone internet to carry out these tasks and can be done on the go.

Task 3: Target Audience


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Education
  • Occupation


  • How the audience members think
  • Values
  • Attitudes
  • Lifestyle

Character Profile:


Pixabay.com. (2017). Students – Free images on Pixabay

Audience member 1: Hailey

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Income: Student

Occupation: Part time job in a local shop

Education: Having a gap year before going to university to study an art course.

Attitudes and interests: Hailey is a creative person who enjoys watching short films on YouTube along with a range of other YouTube videos. She likes drawing in her spare time and taking photos of the beach. She is fairly confident and cares about people deeply.

Lifestyle, likes and dislikes: Currently being on a gap year, she is living a relaxed lifestyle therefore having time to watch short films online and documentaries on telly. She likes learning more about life through creative art forms and also likes photography and sharing pictures with friends. She is currently living in Brighton which she loves and her favourite things to do is finding new coffee shops with friends. She dislikes subjects such as maths and science and hopes to travel more when she’s older.


Shutterstock.com. (2017). Reading student. Funny cartoon and vector character, isolated object

Audience member 2: Aaron

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Income: £7 an hour

Occupation: Works night shifts putting out stock for a company

Education: Currently in the last year of university studying Psychology

Attitudes and interests: Aaron enjoys psychology and learning more about how things work and different concepts such as moments. He does a lot of research for his degree and personal learning and uses online sources such as short films found on YouTube.

Lifestyle, likes and dislikes: He enjoys spending time with his friends and observing how other people behave. He spends a lot time at university going out but makes sure to revise when his exams are coming up. He is currently living in London which is where he hopes to stay living once his psychology career starts. He doesn’t get much sleep and always carries a book with him for train journeys.

Research on target audience:

Brubaker, J. (2017). How To Uncover The Proper Target Audience For Your Film

Task 4: Job Roles – Director

What a Director does:

The job role of a director ultimately means being the creative force in a film’s production. This means being able to visualise the style and structure of the film while also bringing it to life. A director will also have to carry out duties such as casing actors for the film, editing the script, planning and adjusting shot compositions, editing and shot selection

Qualifications to become a director

– A degree in film or media can be helpful in standing out over others in the film industry especially for a high up job role such as a director, however is not necessary to have a degree. Four out of five directors are known to have at least one university degree but only a 29% of those with a degree studied film as their main subject. A good school education would be needed however such as the basic maths and English GCSE’s and just having good general knowledge would come in useful.


Stephen Follows (2017) How to become a film director

Skills you need when becoming a director:

· Determination – To be a successful director you need to put all your effort into  what you do and never give up even if things don’t go your way at the start

· Passion – Having a true passion and love for what you do will be shown through your films and the only way you will be successful is if you enjoy what you do

· Creativity – A creative imagination is needed to be original and make your film stand out from others

· Confidence – You need to believe in yourself and your work in order for it to be successful

· A Vision – It is important to know where you want to end up and have a clear vision of the kind of director you want to be

· Leadership – Being able to take control over the film and make defining decisions on things such as lighting or sound is important and leadership skills will help to keep everything in order

· Patience – Being patient is critical as it can take a lot of time and hard work to end up being a director

· Experience – Having experience either working in other areas of the industry, practicing film making yourself or studying film at uni and help when becoming a director

· Connections – Having connections within the industry can be helping in becoming a director even it if means you doing a different job within the industry first and working your way up

Experience and knowledge:

One of the  main pieces of knowledge when becoming a film director is the job roles of the crew you are working with. For example  you need a good understanding of what a camera man does so that when you want them to do something you are fully informed on the way this will be done.

Personal attributes:

Open minded — Most great filmmakers are open-minded to changes in their ideas. They accept input readily and consider other points of view without judgment. This includes having the ability to respect alternative viewpoints, such as those of the producer

Dealing with pressure – A director must be able to keep calm in stressful situations and be able to keep going despite being behind schedule or having other issues occur. A person with a short temper that is easily made angry may not be well suited for this job role.

Existing practitioners working in that role:

Gail Mancuso


‘Gail Mancuso to direct comedy pilots’ Andreeva. N (2014)

Gail began her career by starting out as an usher on set of several different TV talk shows, and although at the time this probably isn’t what she’d like to be doing, it started out her career and gave her experience working in the industry. After doing this she became a script supervisor for the TV comedy ‘Brothers’. This then lead her to becoming an associate director for a new sitcom ‘Roseanne’. Fortunately for Gail one of the directors later decided to leave, meaning she had the chance to become one of the main directors for the show which is what properly began her career as Director. Gail has now directed episodes from some of the most successful and well loved TV shows including ‘Friends’ and ‘Modern Family’, none of which would have happened if she hasn’t have been determined and patient.


  • Modern family
  • Rules of engagement
  • Cougar town
  • 30 rock
  • Scrubs
  • Friends
  • Two and a half men
  • My name is earl
  • Gilmore girls


Gail Mancuso Biography’ IMDB (2013)


  • Task 5: legal requirements of my project:

Laws and ethical considerations:

  • local laws
  • data protection and privacy
  • confidentiality
  • permissions and releases
  • libel and slander
  • representation
  • accuracy
  • age ratings
  • health and safety



Forbes.com. (2017). Forbes Welcome.

This is something very important to consider when producing any kind of short film and includes the use of music, trademarks and intellectual property. Copyright ultimately protects your work and stops others from being able to illegally use it without your permission. When making our films we need to be careful in ensuring we do not plagiarise other peoples work such as always using music that is royalty free. As part of my film I may use clips of famous moments in history such as martin luther king’s speech, therefore I would need to ensure these clips are not copyrighted and free for me to use.


This is a phrase or logo that has been trademarked by a company so that the company own this and no one else can use it. I need to make sure when producing my short film that I do not use any company logo that is trademarked as I do not have permission to use this as the company needs to decide themselves who they want to be associated with. For example the company Coca-Cola may not want to be featured within certain genres of film such as horror.


The majority of music I listen to would not be able to be featured in a short film of mine due to copyright therefore I would need to be careful in choosing royalty free music. A lot of royalty free music can be found on YouTube, however this is not always reliable and some research should be done to ensure the song used is in fact not copyrighted. One website I often use to find free usable music is http://www.soundcloud.com as they are easy to download and all royalty free.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property involves copyright over something unique that you have created, such as the words you’ve written in a book. If I wanted to have intellectual property rights over my film I could add a watermark to the film, however this may take away focus from the overall film. If I wanted to show my film on YouTube or a film festival however this would be something id want to strongly consider.

Copyright paperwork that should be considered:

  • Reference sheet
  • Evidence document
  • Licence agreement

Health and Safety

Heath and safety involves the regulations and procedures intended to prevent accident or injuries from happening while my film is being produced. I will need to consider all the different precautions to take through the process to ensure I am aware of all possible hazards and what I can do to make sure no accidents occur because of this. This could include taping down any lose wires from lights to prevent anyone from tripping over them during filming.


MWA Project Management | Design | Build. (2017). ‘Health and Safety’


Risks and hazards

It is important to identify any risks or hazards before any actual filming takes place so that  you are prepared with what could happen. Identifying a risk involves finding out the chance of something happening, for example if you were filming in a place with a slippery floor there would be a high chance of an injury occurring, however if the hazard was filming in a small space there would only be a small risk of someone tripping over the equipment. Hazards at different to risks and instead involves the actual physicality that may cause harm, such as chemicals or electricity. All hazards should be considered before filming which is why its important to do a location recce and fill out the appropriate paper work to ensure all possible hazard are found before any filming takes place


Location recce

A location recce is carried out through visiting the location in which you will be filming in and making notes on various elements such as how tall the ceiling is which would allow you to clarify if the equipment would fit inside. Through completing a location recce you are able to physically see any health and safety hazards that could occur and what you can do to prevent this.

Health and safety report

It is important to carry out a health and safety risk assessment for a number of reasons, the main one being avoiding hazards and risks from occurring during filming and ensuing that any of the filming team such as cast and crew are protected from these hazards. Through completing this report you can clearly list all the hazards that could occur, how much of a risk it is, who may be affected, and most importantly what we can do to prevent this from happening. Through deciding on any further actions required to prevent the hazards this helps to ensure everything is in place to avoid this from happening.


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