Project Proposal

Name Zoe King
Pathway Level 3 Diploma in Film and Television
Project Title Final Major Project
Section 1: Rationale (Approx. 100 words)
My project is going to be a short documentary / experimental style film regarding the idea of moments. I want to use a voice over narration to project my thoughts on the significance of moments in life, how both small and profound moments can shape our experiences and the importance of capturing moments through photography.To go alongside this I want to experiment with camera angles and shots to create a variety of clips of people experiencing different moments that will complement the audio narration. I will also experiment with editing through using online clips of famous moments in history such as the first man on the moon. Through the camera work and editing together of these clips I hope to capture the audience by allowing them to think about moments in their own life and evoking them to think deeper about the message being conveyed. This idea is important to me as I have recently come to realise the importance of small moments and how they impact our lives, even if they may seem insignificant at the time. Proceeding from this I believe the profound moments we experience, along with monuments moments in history, should also be appreciated and captured if possible.
Section 2: Project Concept (approx. 200 words)
The concept of my project is to show the significance of moments in life and the importance of appreciating them. I want to visually show my audience a range of different moments which is why the media format I have decided to use is video. This will allow me to communicate my message through the use of both visuals and audio, allowing me to experiment with the different skills I have learned throughout the course. One main influence has been looking into different photographer’s work such as Jay Maisel and thinking deeper into the importance of capturing memories and moments. Watching short documentary style films on YouTube has also allowed me to decide on the style in which I want my film to be. I will need to carry out primary and secondary research into why moments are important as well as looking into different significant and insignificant moments that I can include in my film, such as receiving exam results. My target audience will be 18-20 year olds as I think this age range would be most likely to have an interest in watching experimental films while also being at an age where they would have experienced enough moments to be able to relate and connect with the film, while also having more moments in life yet to come that they may be evoked to think about in a different way. My main job role will be directing as I want to have control over the artistic vision that is displayed, however I will also be editing, recording audio and operating the camera. As the camera work will be a main part of my film the shot types and angles used is something I want to be able to focus on myself. I will however decide to use other people to act in the film so I can fully concentrate on carrying out the other elements. The technical requirements that I will need are standard film making requirements such as a camera and microphone, although I will also need a tripod so that the scenes are shot steadily and smoothly.


Section 3: Evaluation (approx. 50 words)
I plan to reflect on my work by thoroughly looking over the clips I film to ensure I pick the best parts for the project and therefore if they are not right I will have time to re-film any I need to. I will also take photos throughout the filming process and make notes so that I can effectively document any changes I make to my film such as altering angles or adding any extra clips that I feel are needed. As I will have other people to help me through the process this will positively impact my evaluation as they can help to observe any decisions I make while I am filming. Through writing out a script of my dialogue on paper this will allow me to visually see any changes I make to the script and I will be able to look over why these changes were made. I will also produce a daily diary detailing the steps I have taken that day towards completing my project and any decisions regarding this.


Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)
Marc and Angel Hack Life – Angel Chernoff (2006 – 2017) – Last Accessed: 25/4/17

The Importance of Moments – RobertMichaelMurray (2017) – Last Accessed: 25/4/17

33 moments that are more important than you think – Buzzfeed – Mike Spohr (2014) – Last Accessed: 25/4/17 – list of different moments

ON MY MIND: TIME – Christian Lanza – YouTube (2015) – Last Accessed: 25/4/17

John Ellis – Recent work by Jay Maisel (2017) – Last Accessed: 25/4/17         





Activity / What you are intending to do –

including independent study

Resources / What you will need to do it –

including access to workshops

W/C April 24th Completing unit 1.1 and presentation of Initial Project Proposal Hard copy of project proposal and computer to finish blog work
W/C May 1st Completing unit 2.1 and using Research methods to inform ideas for production


Computer to carry out research and complete unit 2.1
w/c May 8th Interpreting Research to develop ideas and effectively communicate this to an audience. Computer to carry out research along with the library to access research books
w/c May 15th Complete the production board and carry out final presentation of Project Proposal


Online access to the production board and PowerPoint to be able to produce the final presentation.
w/c May 22nd Progression week – Finalising all work from previous weeks to a good standard Camera, Tripod and Microphone for the production of my film
w/c May 29th Self-Directed study week. Access to blogs to complete work
w/c June 5th Editing together final piece at College Computer and Avid editing software to edit together film
w/c June 12th Completing the evaluation of our project Access to our work to look back on.
w/c June 19th Deadline for FMP, making sure all work is handed in by June 23rd. Access to college to hand in work.