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Wolpert-Gawron, H. (2015) Using film to teach analysis skills.

Elements to consider when analysing:

  • Shots
  • Editing
  • Mise-en-scene
  • Genre
  • Narrative
  • Lighting
  • Audio

1 Minute Film Analysis’

Special Date


  • Upbeat audio is used which reflects his energy and correlates well with the light-hearted visuals
  • The music stops after the girl replies to show him now being able to relax and to put the emphasis on his relief


  • Jump cuts are used while he’s getting ready to make it seem as if time is going by quickly and also presents his anxious feelings through it being fast paced cuts
  • POV shot of him opening the door so that the audience can see things from his perspective
  • Close up shots to show his emotions


  • Bright lighting is used in the bathroom scene, which contrasts with the dark lighting used when he goes into the room at the end of the clip.
  • The light from the computer reflects onto the characters face acting as a form of lighting
  • The lighting is overall soft and represents and light hearted tone of the film


  • A linear narrative is used as the story is told in order



  • A cutaway shot is used to show the character picking up his keys and wallet, suggesting to the audience and implying the fact that he’s looking for his phone.
  • We as the audience are also shown the clip of where the phone is before the character allowing us to have an outside view


  • Low grey toned lighting is used throughout this film which matches the atmosphere of the film and helps to suggest to the audience something bad could happen


  • The music slowly builds up through the scene, corresponding with the way the suspense is also slowly built up as the scene goes on allowing the audience to feel more tense as they wait for what happens.
  • No dialogue or voices are used throughout the scene until the ending when we hear a voice from the phone which allows this scene to be perceived as more mysterious

Snap Out Of It



 A Love Story




The scene shows two girls getting ready and going to college. A split screen will allow the audience to see both girls getting ready simultaneously, while still acknowledging they’re on their own. On both screens you will see them turn off their alarms, put on their shoes, sitting on the bus on their own and walking into college. The camera will then show both characters sitting in college on their own. The ending of the film shows the girls are in the same class. One girl drops a pen and as the other one picks it up to give it her they start talking and it is insinuated that they are becoming friends.


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Location Recce

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Heath and Safety



Equipment List

-> Camera

-> Tripod

-> Microphone

Production Diary

Monday 13th March – I started off the day by going into Canterbury to collect Katie and Rhiana as they had both agreed to help me film. We had already gathered the equipment from college so we were ready to film. On the bus journey back to my house I filmed the bus scene. As it was fairly early in the morning the bus was empty which made the filming process go smoothly and I was able to film the clips quickly while the bus was stopped. We then went to my house in which we filmed all of the house scenes such as the characters waking up and leaving the house ect. I ensured that we filmed the two different character’s clips in different parts of the house in order for it to seem as if there were both in different homes. One issue we had while filming these scenes was that the camera battery died, however as the location we were at was my house we were able to charge the battery before leaving to film the college scenes. Once we arrived at college it was around 2 o’clock which meant the college entrance was not busy and there was plenty of space for the tripod and for me to film. For the final scene I needed a class room so after speaking to my tutors I was able to film in a class with only a few people in meaning the overall sound quality would be better and there wouldn’t be excessive ambient sound around us. I tried filming this scene a few different times to guarantee there would be a clip I was happy with it and each time used a zoom microphone to ensure I was also recording the dialogue. Once I had finished we used the last couple of hours of college to film parts of Rhiana’s project around the college and I then started to upload my clips and edit the next day.

Project Schedule



Day Activity / What you are intending to do –

including independent study

Resources / What you will need to do it –

including access to workshops

13 / 03 / 16 Monday Filming in my different locations including my house and the college  will need the camera, microphone and tripod and a classroom in the college to film in
Tuesday  Filming with Rhiana in morning, starting to edit in afternoon  will need access to the computers to edit
Wednesday  Finish editing at college  will need access to the computers to edit
Name  Zoe King
Pathway  Film and TV
Project Title  Friendship
Section 1: Rationale (Approx. 100 words)
The main concept of my project is making new friends and how daunting it can be to find the confidence to speak to someone new. I plan to have two teenage girls average lives shown on screen alongside each other through the use of split screen. Through not using dialogue until the final scene I aim to convey to the audience the fact that both girls are alone until they decide to speak to each other and ultimately how easy it can be to make friends if you put in the effort and have the confidence. My main concern will be directed towards the shot types I use to portray the characters getting ready and through using the same shots and angles on each side of the split screen it will allow the audience to see the similarities between the two girls and how they could make good friends.
Section 2: Project Concept (approx. 200 words)
 My aim is to create a 1 minute short film concentrating on visuals and the use of a split screen to portray friendship and the role of making friends. It will be targeted towards teenagers, specifically those at college and these market would be more likely to identify with the message portrayed in the film which is making new friends. My role in the project will be director and camera man and I will have 2 other people as actors and to help with the overall process. My project will also include audio however the focus will be on the visuals which will be accompanied by music until the final scene which will significantly use dialogue. My main concern will be editing as this is where I will be able to apply a split screen effect and edit the two character’s actions together to go alongside each other.
Section 3: Evaluation (approx. 50 words)
 I plan on making notes of any changes I make to my project, however I will not make an updated storyboard as keeping the original will help me to look back on the things that have changed and I will be able to compare it to my notes.
Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)


Final Film


Overall I was happy with the outcome of my film . The filming process went smoothly as I followed my storyboard step by step and i was able to film my project within the time frame I had decided. One difficulty I did face however was that my film involved various different locations and was not set in just one place. Luckily i had my two college friends to help me with the process which made carrying equipment between locations much easier. One thing I  had not taken into consideration when planning was that the clips I filmed for each character needed to be roughly the same length so that when put alongside each other in the edit they were in sync. This meant that when filming scenes such as the shoes being put on I needed to ensure I timed both clips so that the characters would take the same amount  of time to put their shoes on I I found the editing process difficult at first as the main concept of my film was that it used a split screen, however I was unsure of how to exactly create this using Avid. This meant I need to do research before I started my edit and after following some online instructions and speaking to my tutors I was able to learn how to use the split screen feature and start my edit. I chose to leave a small blank gap of black screen in-between each clips to emphasise each clip being a jump cut and to give the impression of time going by and each scene not being continuous. I was happy with the range of shots that I used in the film such as the pan to show them walking and the cutaway shot of the alarms going off to emphasise to the audience that it is early and the characters are having to wake up presumably for something such as college. One shot that didn’t go completely to plan was the POV shot of the characters opening the door to leave. Although I was happy that it showed things from their perspective I think the clips looked slightly messy as I was unable to use a  tripod therefore the clips look somewhat shaky. Although I did stick to the storyboard I did not film the scenes in order as the film location was the bus so I filmed this first, this meant that when it came to editing I needed to organise my clips to be in order which was not an issue. While filming I did change my idea slightly from what I had originally planned. In the final scene I decided  one character would drop a pen and the other would pick it up – therefore starting a conversation between them and leading to a friendship. However when it came to filming I thought that a better idea may be her offering the other girl a mint, therefore portraying the concept that in order to make friends you need to have the confidence to speak to new people. Overall I am very pleased I changed this and although it is only a small action that has been changed it has helped to give the film a new meaning. I decided to only use dialogue in the film to emphasise it being the significant part of the film and them not talking before they see each other shows them being alone before they talk to each other. I used a zoom microphone to record  the audio and placed it on top of the computer between the two girls to ensure it was not in shot however would still pick up the dialogue from both characters. I also made sure the computer room I was filming in was fairly empty so that no ambient external sounds would be picked up. I decided to use an upbeat song, however through editing I made it that the songs tempo slows down as it gets to the part when the girl is about to talk o the other character to show her contemplating whether to offer her and mint and so the focus is on her building up the courage and then them speaking. I chose to have both the dialogue and visuals fade away so that it is insinuating to the audience that they will carry on their conversation and have become friends.

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