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Stefan (2011) Jellyfish Nightlights in James Bond Skyfall film >> news.

How does pre-production apply to visuals?

  • Storyboarding – what the requirements of the production is going to be
  • List of shots that will be needed
  • Set the camera and lighting according to location
  • Casting of the actors
  • Gather together a crew for filming

What are the elements that need to be considered?

  • Equipment
  • Location scouting
  • Finance
  • The actors
  • The environment
  • Time constraints
  • The crew

Who are the key crew members?

  • Cinematographer
  • Director
  • Director of lighting
  • Camera operators
  • Lighting operator
  • Producer

How do they link with the other stages of the production process?

the storyboard is a depiction of how the final piece will turn out, it is important to thoroughly plan the visuals before filming to ensure no time is wasted on set and the finished production will come out. The crew will need to be full prepared, for example the actors knowing their lines and the camera operators being prepared on the angles they need.

Planning and documentation

  • Meeting and hiring crew
  • Locations
  • Health and safety
  • Budgets
  • Contracts and details
  • Time Planning
  • Scheduling shoot days

Production Schedule:


1:30 – 2:30: Coming up with ideas for the project (making a list and brainstorming possible options)

2:30 – 3:30: Completing storyboard plan and creating schedule along with the health and safety report.

3:30 – 4:10: Carry out a location recce around the college.


9:30 – 12:30: Gather equipment and film the final piece

1:30 – 3:30: Upload clips and start to edit together the film


9:30 – 12:30: Finalising the post-production and finishing film








Equipment list:

Camera – we will need to use this to record the visuals for our project

Lighting – for the face to be highlighted more within the shots and use this as a key light

Tripod – to make the shots smoother with  panning needed in shots 5 & 7

Stedi cam – for the tracking shot of the girl walking into the entrance as well as the transition into the shot of over the shoulder of the girl pressing play on the phone

Heath and Safety Risk Assessment


Location Recce


Final Piece


Although the task brief of filming an every day action was very simple our group found it hard to come up with a suitable idea to film so the first thing we did was to brain storm different ideas. Once we came up with the idea of a girl listening to music we wanted to make it slightly more interesting so we decided the idea would be that she doesn’t realise her music is playing out loud. Once this was decided we proceeded to make a storyboard in which we included nine shots including a pan and an over-the-shoulder shot to ensure we included shots we have learnt during the course. We decided at first it may be a good idea to use  stedi cam to make sure the shots were smoothly filmed, however when it came to filming we realised just a tripod would be sufficient and the stedi cam was therefore not needed. We made sure to follow the 180 degree rule by ensuring to film on the right hand side of the character throughout. We decide use a close up shot of  Reece’s face to emphasize the fact that people around the character were looking at her strangely. For the end shot we used a medium close up to show both the main character and the person looking at her to be in shot so the audience can clearly see the different reactions to her music being played out loud. I think the panning shot of the character walking went well and I am glad we used a tripod to film this as it helped to give the clip a smooth flow. Overall I feel we could have made the final film slightly longer by including a few more shot types of her walking. As the main point of the film is her music playing out loud all I needed to add in post-production regarding audio was a song and to make sure to edit it so when the character presses play on her phone in the clip, that’s when the sound starts. This part of editing was successful however I found that the clips before the sound started in the film were too silent and i therefore decided to find a sound clip of background talking from a sound library and added this to the start of the clip to produce the sound of her being in college and also to show the contrast in sound when the music starts as it completely blocks out the external sounds and all the character can hear is the music.

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