I found this weeks tasks interesting as we were focusing solely on audio and the practical did not involve any visuals which is different from the projects we usually work on. It was good to be able to put the microphone and audio skills and knowledge we have learnt over the past weeks to practice and I liked the fact that we were able to decide ourselves where we filmed and which microphones to use. Learning about the production process was also helpful and I know feel I have a clearer understanding of this, especially pre-production. Writing a script for out project was something I enjoyed as it allowed us to be creative and try something we hadn’t done before. I also found the health and safety risk assessment interesting to fill out as it allowed me to consider elements I may not have before considered such as transporting between locations. Overall the recording went well and I was happy with the outcome and the way I had added Foley sounds in editing in order to help the audience to visualise the audio I had produced. Producing a schedule was also helpful as our group knew at which exact times we needed to film and we were able to finish the project within the time scale I implemented.