Before this week I did not know a lot about amplitude, wavelength and frequency so it was interesting learning about these areas as they play such a big role in audio and is important to know about if y0u were going to specialise in this area. It was also useful learning about the most common microphones used in the industry and which would be best for which situation, such as using a lapel microphone for an interview as it can be easily hidden. I found it to beĀ important that I used visual images in my blog posts as looking at the microphone helps me to differentiate them and remember which is which. I feel the overall audio interview task went well, however due to various issues such as filming in a location that was too busy the task did take much longer than expected and many of the clips we needed to re-film. I did not mind re-filming these clips however as we wanted to ensure the sound could be clearly heard and we had an accurate hearing of how each microphone sounded in the three different locations. It was interesting to see which shot types would work best for each microphone, such as needed to use a close up shot of the subject when using a shotgun microphone so that it would not be in shot. Overall this week has allowed me to have a good amount of practice using film equipment such as the specific microphones and I would now feel more confident using them inĀ one of my future projects.