We started the week by looking back over 3-point lighting to jog our memories and to gain a better understanding of this area. Looking at the lighting related problems we had faced in previous projects was helpful as it allowed us to think about solutions and what we would do different if we were to carry out these tasks again. I found the first practical task to also be helpful as it gave us a chance to set up a 3-point lighting set up ourselves and see if using natural or artificial light would have an effect on the overall image. I found this task was quite similar to a previous 3-point-lighting task we had carried out, however it was useful for furthering our learning of this subject and through writing about each image I was able to clearly see which type of shadows would be created by each light positioning. I enjoyed analysing the lighting techniques from different films as we were able to chose the films we were writing about ourselves and were able to determine on our own which type of lighting had been used and the overall mood it had created, allowing us to think creatively. I think the second visual task of re-creating an image of our choice went well and as I worked in a group with 4 others I was able to not only create a lighting set up for my image but also help in the process of creating the right lighting set up for my group members projects as well. This meant I was able to have practice physically working the lights, helping to direct the set up and also with the camera work. Overall I was happy with my final image and as it took a while to get the set up the way I needed it I was able to learn a vast amount about key lights, fill lights and back lights and which work best for different situations when filming. As this was the first social media report we had written I enjoyed writing about the process of setting up my accounts and looking at the feedback I had been given. This also allowed me to think about what I could have done differently in order to gain more interactions such as posting more photos and using hashtags to attract a larger audience.