I did not fully enjoy the tasks this week, however it has been helpful to learn about the different aspects of audio. The practical part of the task I enjoyed and creating the sounds for the Three Billy Goats Gruff narration practical went well as I worked in a group of 5 we were able to work together to decided on how we were going to create the sounds and then when we recorded them e were able to make sure the microphone was kept very still while being able to quickly re-record if we made any errors. It took me a while to look back through my old blog posts to see when I had encountered problems regarding sound, however I think it was helpful to reflect on these as I would now have more knowledge on how to overcome these problems. I had remembered that in a task before I had held the microphone too far away from my subjects mouth so the sound was distant so when it came to this audio task I knew I needed to consider the positioning of the microphone. I found the off screen audio film we watched in class very interesting and enjoyed analysing the different types of sound that were used such as the ambient sound in the background and how the sound represents his thoughts. This video helped to prove the idea that audio is more important than visuals in film.