The part of the task that I enjoyed the most this week was studying movement, specifically within films by Akira Korosawa.  I liked looking into detail at the different types of movement such as the movement of nature and how it can help to reflect emotions and keep the audience visually interested. I also enjoyed the practical task, however I feel I did not plan it in enough detail and although it was a simple task, my storybaord was fairly basic so when it came to filming I had to improvise slightly and add in some extra shots of the character walking to ensure I maintained the 180 degree rule throughout and so to not confuse the audience. The part of the task I was least engaged in would be learning about the equipment, however I did learn a lot about the different pieces of equipment used in film to help keep a steady shot and smooth flow, such as a Steadicam which prevents camera shake. I also understand this will be good knowledge to have in my future filming projects so I know which equipment will work best for me. I enjoyed analysing the film scenes and looking at the techniques that were used to maintain screen direction and I was then able to use these techniques in the practical task in which I incorporated a pan and tracking shot.