I really enjoyed this task as we had the freedom over which area of editing we were going to research. As I do not know a lot about different editing techniques I decided to research this so I could learn more about editing and would be more prepared when it comes to our end of year project. The part of this task I enjoyed the most was finding examples of the different techniques from films I have seen and saying why they were effective. The part of the task I struggled with was writing a description of the effects as I did not fully understand some of them at first so I decided to watch a visual of the techniques in use so I could full understand each one before writing about it. The primary research I carried out for this task has also been helpful in expanding my understanding of the different ways clips can be edited together.

Working Practices

Although I think its important to know about the different working practices in the media, this was probably the task I enjoyed the least this week as I like to make my work very visual and found it hard to find clips and pictures relevant to the task. It also took quiet a long time to come up with different advantages and disadvantages for each job role, however I now know a lot more about working as a freelancer, self-employed and employed and the similarities and differences of each one. I did enjoy creating a career timeline however finding hard to be very specific with each elements as I am not completely sure which area of the media I want to work in so I gave some different options of areas I would like to work in.


This task was the one i found most interesting this week as I think knowing about stereotypes and the way the media present different types of people is extremely important to have a good understand of when working in the media. I liked finding stereotype and countertype characters from a TV show as I had chosen a programme I regularly watch myself and found it interesting to look in detail at the characters tic that make these characters fall into each category. I did however find it hard writing about the stereotype character I had found as specifically looking for characteristic to bias someone on and putting them into a certain category is not something I would usually do. I also found watching clips based on stereotypes such as the ‘like a girl’ advert was helpful in improving my understanding of why people stereotype and after this week now feel confident about the differences between stereotypes, archetypes and countertypes.

Peer Feedback:

Peer feedback from Rhiana:

The research post on editing was very well done in my opinion. I like the way that she found a scene from a movie to match with the type of editing technique she was explaining. It made the post engaging. Furthermore, my favourite part of the post was that she experimented with one of the techniques herself, and made her own video displaying it. The working practices post was also very informative, and it was interesting to see what her career plan was aswell. Lastly, the representation post was quite brief in the explanation of the characters from the television shows, but was nevertheless clear and easy to understand.