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Working Practices within the Media:


This is someone that is self employed however will work for different companies specifically for certain projects. The companies will only hire their freelancers for the time they will need them and after that they will go back to technically being unemployed. Being a freelancer is the most common form of employment in the media industry.

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-> Flexible – Your hours may be very varied as well as you being called in at late notice

-> Building your reputation – once you have done work for one company in the media this gives you experience which will help with

-> Varied – Every job wont be the same which will give you good job variety and keep you motivated

-> Developed skills – Working on different project will give you a range of different skills that you can carry with you in your further career

-> Network

No joining requirements


-> Stress – It can be fairly stressful working constantly on one project with no time off

-> Inconsistent employment – You could go 4 months with no work and then work for the next 6 months however employment is never guaranteed.

-> Can go months with no work – this can cause money problems as even if you make a good amount of money doing one job this will also have to last you in the months you’re not in employment.

-> Turning down good jobs – More than one job may come at one time and once you’ve made a commitment you wont be able to take another job at that time even if its more money.

-> Breaking into the industry – When you start out breaking into the industry is important otherwise companies wont know


This is similar to being a freelancer in the sense that you will need to do your own taxes ect however being self-employed is ultimately when you have your own business and you are the one creating the media product. This means you will need to find the client for your product  yourself.

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-> Working in an industry you love – Although the jobs will be hard at times and your income wont be consistent you will still be working in the area that you love and wont to be working in

-> Creating the possibility of a breakthrough

-> Easy to start up – once you have the creative vision and the loan it is fairly easy to set up, however finding the clients may be what is difficult

-> Working on a project you choose – It is up to you what your media creation will entail so ultimately you can chose to do whatever you chose creating job satisfaction.


-> Need money to start – To start up your own business you will of course need a reasonable amount of money which means you will need to obtain a loan

-> Irregular income – As you cannot predict how many customers / clients you will have each month it means your income will be unpredictable


This means you are physically employed by a company and will be working on in-house projects. As the media is such a competitive industry this is not the most common form of employment however one you ‘break in’ to the industry it is likely companies may hire you again if you have done a good job. This means always being on time, being flexible and being completely prepared to complete the job you have been hired to do.

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Myers, M. (2014) ‘Employed media: How internal advocates can share your content marketing.


-> Job security  – Once you are hired by someone you know that your income is going to be consistent throughout the year

-> Paid sick leave – Unlike if you were a free-lancer or self-employed, most companies will offer paid sick leave if you fall ill whist working for them meaning there is less worry about money problems


-> Lack of variety – Being hired for example as a cameraman for a company could been that you are carrying out the same tasks every day which may make the job feel monotonous with a lack of job variety

-> Short term contracts – Being hired in the media means that a lot of contracts will be short term and if you are working on an in-house project once this is over the company may no longer need you

Career Timeline

Age 16-19

Study Media Related Subjects

  • Study A-Levels in English, Film and Business to get a better understanding of different areas of media, communications and marketing.
  • Study Film and TV course at Canterbury College to gain more knowledge and experience about working in the media, specifically areas regarding film and television.

Age 19-22:

Go to university to study a media related course at University.

Although I do not know which university I want to go to I know I want the course to involve a range of different elements so I can gave a good understanding of the different areas so I can make an informed decision on which area of the media I want to work in. I want the course to include elements of: social media, public relations and marking, TV production, popular / celebrity culture and society. Some different University options include:

  • Sussex University – Media and Communications
  • Bath Spa University – Media and Communications

Age 22-23

Take a year out

The main reason I would want to have a year out would be to gain experience working in the media hopefully by doing some work experience or interning for a media related company. I would also want to take this time to do some travelling before I start a full time job working in an industry.

  • Have a year off to do travelling and earn money
  • Complete some work experience in media related companies

Age 23-30

Work in the media Industry

I am not completely sure of which area of the media I want to work in however some areas that I ambitiously would want to work in include:

  • Working in social media
  • Working as part of a marketing team or doing PR for a company in the media
  • Doing photography for a media company
  • Working behind the cameras as part of a TV production

Here is one job I have found in my local area that relates the type of media I would want to work in:


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