The main task of this week was to complete most of the research project we had been set. I found that there was a lot to do for this task and was quite time consuming however I felt we had a fair amount of time to do the project. I decided to chose a TV scene that I had never actually seen before so that I would not know anything about the show and could analyse the scene simply from that I saw. This did however mean I had to do much more subject research which made it more time consuming.  I enjoyed finding replicas of the different elements of the scene I had chose, however it was hard to find exact versions of some things in my scene such as the house used to instead I had to settle for one that looked similar, but still had the same location. At first I was only researching the main props and costumes that were used but after realised to get an accurate representation of what this job would involved I decided to include every element of the scene that I saw. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this task as it helped to show the amount of work and effort that a production team or single producer will go through just to completely only one scene of film and has given me respect for people that do this job. I think that it has also made me notice all the small details when I am watching a TV programme and how much effort will have been put in.

The second task we had to complete was a blog post on editing using ‘Avid’. At first I found using Avid fairly confusing as I had only used very simple editing applications. This meant that when we started editing together the short surfing video mine looked very basic and not many skills were involved. However as the week went on we learnt more and more about how to work the application and found out how to use effects and editing the length of clips. Using the effects was the part i enjoyed most about the task and it meant i was able to use techniques such as colour correction and fading transitions to make my video more visually pleasing and to flow better. When writing the blogpost at first I found it difficult to remember the order of the steps I had actually taken while editing, however through doing online research and taking screenshots it helped to jog my memory and overall the step by step guide that I wrote was very useful in reminding myself of how to set up and edit . As this week we were only learning the basics of Avid I still do not know a vast amount about the ending and syncing of audio using Avid and am hoping this is something we will learn in the future.

Peer Feedback from Rhiana:
All of Zoe’s posts this week were really well done. I was really impressed with how thorough and analytical Zoe’s research post was on recreating the scene from 6 feet under. She really went into detail about where to find the appropriate props and locations in order to recreate the scene. Furthermore, her introduction to Avid post was very informative. Her listing of all of the keyboard shortcuts was very insightful and anyone viewing this post would definitely develop a good understanding of the software, as the step by step instructions of how she made her way through Avid was very clear.