This weeks tasks have revolved around sound, specifically foley sound and being a sound engineer. I have always known sound was a crucial part of film making, however didn’t realise until this week that it actually takes a 60% importance in film over visuals. The part of the week that I have enjoyed the most was probably looking at how films use Foley sound as part of my research project. After seeing the film The Hunger Games a few times I had no idea how often foley sound was used until looking into it this week and now feel I will be able to understand sound more when watching films in the future. I also liked the freedom of being able to pick my own films to analyse for my research.

I also really enjoyed leaning about mise-en-scene and particularly enjoyed finding different TV show openings and analysing the mise-en-scene as I never knew how much you could tell about a character or TV programme simply from the the first 5 minutes of mise-en-scene shown. I also didn’t realise how broad mise-en-scene could be enjoyed looking at how the different areas such as props or sound can have sugh a big impact.

I have never thought about the career of a sound engineer and it has never been a job that has taken my interest, however learning about it this week I believe it would make a very interesting career. At first I found it difficult differentiating between a foley engineer and sound engineer but after doing a lot of online research I am now confident about why and how they are different. Looking at the different university courses on UCAS that are available also gave me some insight into the many different areas of sound you can work on as a designer or engineer.

I enjoyed the practice task of creating our own foley sound as it gave me experience with using the microphones and coming up with creative ideas as to how we would make the sounds realistic. The other practical task of testing out different polar patterns I found less interesting, however did learn a lot and could tell there was a big difference in the sounds picked up depending on which polar pattern I used. After doing the tasks I feel more confident with using microphones and have learnt the importance of keeping them still when recording in order to get the best possible sound quality. I struggled with uploading the sound files to my blog through PowerPoint so deciding to make a YouTube channel to upload them which I found much easier.