Sound Engineer

A Sound technicians job role will require them to assemble, operate and maintain the technical equipment used in sound. They can be in charge of many elements of sound such as the recording, amplifying, enhancing, mixing or reproducing the sound. They will be the ones to identify the sound requirements for a part of the film and carry out what needs to be done in order to produce this sound.

Foley Engineer

A Foley engineers job is more specific, they will need to re-create the sounds that are being acted in the film such as a door opening before they are put in the film. Their job can also involve  matching the live sound effects that have been re-created with the action of the picture.

The difference Between Foley and Sound Engineers.

The first step to becoming a Foley engineer, is becoming a sound engineer. Although these are similar jobs they do have a difference. Being a Foley engineer is much more specialist as they are the people that will actually re-create the sounds while a sound engineer is someone that will look after the general sound of a production. A sound engineer will work with the mechanics of recording, mixing and reproducing sound and deal specifically with technical and mechanical aspects of sound and music.

How to become a sound or Foley engineer:


One of the main ways people come to becoming a sound engineer is through the theatre. this can be a great pathway to sound as you can gain a large amount of experience working with sound and build a skills and knowledge base


This is when you can gain experience through paid employment and can get a provable qualification at the end which makes it worthwhile.


An internship is very similar to an apprenticeship however is unpaid, an internship in sound however could be hard to find


Going to university it always a good idea when wanting to work in a specialist subject such as sound as it can help to improve your knowledge and experience on this area. However for something like sound or Foley sound, it can be hard to find a specific degree in this field. University courses regarding sound can be creative or technical depending on which you prefer and overall can help you to make connections that will help you further on in your career.


This is when someone is self employed in a particular area and can be hired for specific jobs for a certain period of times. Some job roles a freelancer can carry out include:

  • Sound for a music video
  • Sound assistant
  • Sound engineer
  • Sound designer
  • Sound mixer
  • Specialist Foley engineer
  • Foley designer

Sound Designer Project

The person I have decided to talk about is Wylie Stateman who has been a sound designer for an amazing amount of well known films. Wylie first started working as a sound designer in feature films during 1980 when he worked on the film A coal Miner’s Daughter. This project started up his career and since then he has been nominated for multiple industry awards, including seven Academy Awards, four BAFTA Awards and 15 Motion Picture Sound Editor Awards.

Image result for wylie stateman sound

‘Django unchained sound editor Wylie Stateman’ (2012)

Wylie’s sound filmography:

  • Inglorious bastards (2009)
  • Django unchained (2012)
  • Kill bill (2003)
  • Shrek (2001)
  • Insurgent (2015)
  • Stand by me (1986)
  • The hateful eight  (2015)
Django UnchainedInglourious BasterdsKill Bill: Vol. 1Shrek
‘Wylie Stateman’ IMDB (1990 – 2016) 

University courses on sound

Although it can be hard to find specialist courses specifically on sound, here are some undergraduate courses on sound that I have found on UCAS:

Sound Production

This 2 year course looks very interesting for someone wanting to study sound as the description shows that the course will entail a variety of different areas to gain experience in such as:

  • Sound Creation and Manipulation.
  • Studio Recording and Engineering.
  • Music in Context.
  • Music Production Analysis.
  • Music Technology.
  • Composing for Film and Television.
  • Music Studio Production. .


Sound Engineering

This 3 year course at the University of South Wales will give you a BSc (Hons) qualification in sound engineering. it looks very interesting as there is a wide range of areas you will study on the course such as:

  • Recording and sound engineering techniques
  • The use of computers in music production
  • Learn about the sound industry
  • Studio recording and production
  • Computer-based music

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