This can be described as everything shown on screen, including the sound. Mise-en-scene is probably one of the most crucial elements of film making as what you see on screen is what makes up most of the film and is what the audience will usually pay most attention to. Everything you see on screen has been carefully chosen by the film crew to communicate a meaning, and its up to the audience to decode that meaning. The mise-en-scene is ultimately what can either draw the audience into the story line, or put them off watching completely if they don’t find the mise-en-scene believable or they aren’t able to connect with it.

Different areas of mise-en-scene include:


Film props serve the same purpose as stage props which is ultimately to enhance the drama and help the actors with their job and can in some films help to symbolise the film its self. Props can also tell you a lot about the characters, for example someone with an old flip up phone may suggest they don’t care about having the new trends, or else they can’t afford a new one.  Examples of commonly used props in film include: cars, documents, pets, money guns, phone, furniture, art.

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‘Thrift shop finds a green role for used film props’ Mcerloy. S (2010)


This is where the film is made and will be the background for everything that is filmed. Location is so important as it can help to create the right atmosphere for the film and make the plot believable to the audience. For example if you wanted to film a cowboy western, you would not film it in a city you would want a desert landscape. Examples of different locations include: houses / flats / bungalows, town / country, seaside / urban.

‘motion control filming in czech republic’ Groundry. N (2011)


Sound can easily make or break a film and can help to express the character’s actions. Music can help to create the right atmosphere for a film, while Foley sound can help to make what’s happening more believable. The different types of sound in film include: spoken words, diegetic and non-diegetic sound, Foley sound, special effects

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‘Sound Set’ Perryman. M (2015)


Clothes are an important part of film as it can help to tell a lot about a character and their situation. For example someone wearing a smart black suit in a majority of the scenes would suggest they have wealth and are upper class, where a character wearing old clothes would suggests they have less money and says a lot about their character. Different types of clothes can include high end fashion / old worn down clothes, colourful clothing / dark colours.

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‘How to Suit Up Like Gatsby’ Black Lapel (2013)


Actors are truly what make up mise-en-scene and the actors will usually be the basis for the whole film. One of the main things you can tell from the actors are their body language, which can show a lot about the emotions they are feeling. For example if an actor was shaking or biting their nails you may interpret that they are nervous. Another thing you can decode from actors are their accents, which can tell you where they are from or where they live, giving you insight into their background.

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‘Bollywood Actors in osoyoos to film action romance’ osoyootimes (2014)

In class we looked at mise-en-scene through watching the opening scenes of different TV shows and how just from the mise-en-scene you can tell a lot about the programme.


The first show I have chosen to analyse is Friends. Simply from watching the first couple of seconds of the show we see a group of friends sitting together in a coffee shop, this suggests to the audience that the characters live a casual life and tells the audience that these character will probably be people they can relate with. Each character’s outfit also says a lot about each person and their individual character. Phoebe is wearing a variety of unique looking rings and has her hair in bunchiest suggesting her to have a unique personality and a childlike nature. The character Joey is wearing a leather jacket and has slick black hair. For this time this outfit would have been on trend, suggesting this character is seen as a cool and is a ladies man. The location is also stated through the opening when we are shown Monica’s apartment from the outside being in New York again showing their lifestyle and the fact that they live in an apartment suggests they don’t have a lot of money. The props used throughout the clip help to date the programme and from the small box TV and the large phone Racheal is holding having an ariel, we can gather that the show was made during the late 90s. The location along with the characters accents also allows us to know that the show is American. Chandler’s body language also says a lot about his character, for example him sitting on the edge of the sofa shows him to be a very relaxed person, while him using his hands a lot while talking shows him to be expressionistic and comedic when he speaks. There is no non-diegetic sound is used in this scene however the spoken words from each character shows its going to be a comedic show from them making jokes and teasing each other.

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