This weeks tasks have revolved around lighting and lighting engineers. At first I was unsure whether I would enjoy this week as lighting has never been something I have been particularly interested in, however after studying it this week i have found elements of it very interesting, especially the photography work and learning about lighting in photography. I enjoyed the white balance task the most as I found it fascinating to see how the different white balance settings can affect a photo so much and how depending on the background of the photo and if you have interior or exterior lighting, it can affect which setting will work best for the image.

The genre work was also something I enjoyed and after briefly looking at film noir I am keen to know more about this genre. It has also shown me the importance of genre expectations when it comes to audience and what they expect to see in a particular genre which I believe will help me further along in the course when making my own films and making sure it excludes the right genre expectations.

I did come across some problems during this week as the indoor 3 point lighting pictures I took for one of the tasks didn’t come out exactly the way I wanted them to. Although we used the reflector in the right way, it was quite hard to tell apart the photos and the shadows cast from the reflector weren’t that clear. This suggests that the corridor we used for the photos wasn’t the best location and in the future I would know to use somewhere with brighter lights and to position our subject more to the left of the light to follow the 3 point lighting rules more accurately. Another difficulty I had was deciding on an area to base my research project on, at first I decided to chose film noir however as we briefly looked at this for genre I ┬áthen decided I wanted to pick a subject I knew nothing about so that i could learn more while doing the research. I feel this project went well however I was unable to complete primary research that would be relevant to the history of lighting.
I have also learnt a vast amount about becoming a lighting engineer this week and from this have come to the conclusion that this job role is not for me and i would better suit something else within the industry. However learning about university and ways to become a lighting technician has allowed me to make a definite decision on wanted to go to university in order to progress my media knowledge and experience as it can help you to learn more about specific subjects, such as lighting.