What a Director does:

The job role of a director ultimately means being the creative force in a film’s production. This means being able to visualise the style and structure of the film while also bringing it to life. A director will also have to carry out duties such as casing actors for the film, editing the script, planning and adjusting shot compositions, editing and shot selection

What a Producer does:

producers will have the overall control of all aspects of the film production process. they are the ones that will bring together and approve the whole production team, making one of their main responsibilities making sure there the right environment for all of the cast and crew to do their jobs and while supporting them. They are also accountable for the success of the finished film and deal with finance and budgeting

Skills you need when becoming a director:

· Determination – To be a successful director you need to put all your effort into what you do and never give up even if things don’t go your way at the start

· Passion – Having a true passion and love for what you do will be shown through your films and the only way you will be successful is if you enjoy what you do

· Creativity – A creative imagination is needed to be original and make your film stand out from others

· Confidence – You need to believe in yourself and your work in order for it to be successful

· A Vision – It is important to know where you want to end up and have a clear vision of the kind of director you want to be

· Leadership – Being able to take control over the film and make defining decisions on things such as lighting or sound is important and leadership skills will help to keep everything in order

· Patience – Being patient is critical as it can take a lot of time and hard work to end up being a director

· Experience – Having experience either working in other areas of the industry, practicing film making yourself or studying film at uni and help when becoming a director

· Connections – Having connections within the industry can be helping in becoming a director even it if means you doing a different job within the industry first and working your way up

Director Project – Gail Mancuso

‘Gail Mancuso to direct comedy pilots’ Andreeva. N (2014)

Gail began her career by starting out as an usher on set of several different TV talk shows, and although at the time this probably isn’t what she’d like to be doing, it started out her career and gave her experience working in the industry. After doing this she became a script supervisor for the TV comedy ‘Brothers’. This then lead her to becoming an associate director for a new sitcom ‘Roseanne’. Fortunately for Gail one of the directors later decided to leave, meaning she had the chance to become one of the main directors for the show which is what properly began her career as Director. Gail has now directed episodes from some of the most successful and well loved TV shows including ‘Friends’ and ‘Modern Family’, none of which would have happened if she hasn’t have been determined and patient.


  • Modern family
  • Rules of engagement
  • Cougar town
  • 30 rock
  • Scrubs
  • Two and a half men
  • My name is earl
  • Gilmore girls


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