zoe collage fam.jpg

This photo montage speaks more to me than the mood board I previously created as this involves real pictures of my life. I have always loved taking photos and think of it as a way to capture moments and create memories to look back on and each photo included is important to me in a different way. I have included pictures of my friends which are special to me as many of them I’m not able to see as often as I’d like to because of distance or responsibilities taking up time. Other pictures of my younger self also bring back different memories of my childhood and I have included a picture of my granny as it brings back memories of spending a lot of time with her which was a big part of my childhood. A few other pictures also bring back some of my first ever memories which are walking my dog on the beach with my mum and it’s nice to look back on these pictures and remember this. The picture of my sister on her first day of secondary school is also special to me as it shows how much she has grown up and leads to me remember the day she was born. Other pictures represent exciting and memorable days in my life such as my sixth form leavers prom, going on holiday and taking a trip to Brighton with my friends.