The pictures that stand out most to be on the mood board I have created is the pictures of friends at the beach and Polaroid pictures of a family. These pictures help to describe me as I think being surrounded by people that make you happy is so important. Similarly, the Christmas tree represents family and how Christmas is one of the only times my whole family can come together and celebrate.

Other pictures on the board such as the light bulb represent over thinking and worrying which are things I tend to do often, however the Buddha represents wanting to feel calm and the importance of making time to relax. The pictures of the beach represents feeling at home, growing up in Whitstable has meant I spend a lot of time by the beach and it’s a place I feel very safe and calm.

The pictures of dogs also show my love for animals and symbolise comfort and companionship. The concerts and music related pictures also speak to me as I’ve always seen music as a way of taking my mind of things and my love for concerts represents my love for feeling free and living in the moment.