The scene I have picked is from the award winning 2011 crime thriller Drive directed by Nicholas Winding Refn and the clip I have chosen is the final scene of the film.

I’ve always found this scene to be moving as throughout the film we root for the driver to be a good character and for things to work out with him Irene. The character constantly bounces between being a hero and a criminal and in this scene we see he has killed someone and his true nature has taken over. To me what makes this scene so sad is that everything he has done has been for her.

The song playing also helps to create this emotional response as no dialogue is needed to show how he’s feeling. I also like how the lyrics of the song “real human hero” are symbolic to what the driver wanted, but failed to be. The ambiguous ending is also significant to me as it’s unclear whether he survives or not and simply seeing the tear in his eye as he drives away is another reason I find this scene to be so prevailing.

Overall, what speaks to me most about this scene and what I find to be most interesting is the way it shows the lengths people will go to in order to protect someone they love.