Whist making my short film sequence the main difficulty I encountered was taking one continuous shot while keeping my feet in focus and it took me a few tries to get a shot that I was happy with. I also wanted the background behind my feet to vary as the sequence went on and therefore it was difficult to find a good location that wasn’t just a blank floor. During the process it was also hard to find a quiet place to record my audio, however overall I feel that my sound quality was clear once I found the right place to record it. I decided to use POV shot of me walking to emphasises it being my own personal thoughts and interests and decided not to show my own face so that the focus is on what I’m saying and to present the fact that I can be shy and don’t like the focus to be on me in real life. Because of this I also found it difficult to script the film as I was unsure about telling personal facts to a camera, however since doing the task I believe I will be more confident in speaking and doing voice over’s in my future film making.